Ultrasound  Spine Scan    Spinal Ultrasound     The Spinal Ultrasound Scan Source

THE INSTITUTE FOR SPINAL ULTRASOUND IMAGING TRAINS Doctors in Radiology, General Medicine, Sports-medicine, Neurology, Orthopedics, Physiatry, Industrial Medicine, Physical Medicine,Osteopathy,Chiropractic AND  THEIR TECHNICIANS for enhanced diagnosis of adult spine pain / back pain / hopeless pain and ACCEL therapies monitored with ultrasound deep scan  (with tremendously accelerated healing times and cost effective health care).

Ultrasound  Spine Scan    Spinal Ultrasound     The Spinal Ultrasound Scan Source


As chief executive of the institute I,  John D. Reid D.C., have also enjoyed the benefits

of ultrasound spine scan in my own practice.  ONE FORMAL  new patient EXAM usually

pays the monthly loan or lease fee  (usually a machine system requires approx.12,000. dollars USD

and that runs approximately 325 to 275 USD per month on lease or loan basis.)

Despite many insurance companies refusing to pay for the beauty of ultrasound spine scan,

(despite it saving them tons of  cost via 50X faster & near zero scar tissue ACCEL healing )

I simply charge the patients directly and keep enjoying the following thrills:

#1. Actually imaging the nerve roots of the spine and appreciating their condition as shown on the video screen.

(Daily proof of precise cause for pain or dysfunction -Chiropractic dream come true!)

#2. Actually observing the beautiful - wonderful effects of manual adjustments pre and post.

(Daily low cost "PEEKS" showing proof of Chiropractic efficacy - again a dream come true ! )

#3. Actually observing the soft tissue effects or lack of effects of therapies in real time .

#4. Attracting the rich and intelligent independent business  owners

since these people enjoy observing  (as a team member with me)

their own tissue healings.

#5 Managing supposedly impossible conditions with accelerated healing technologies I developed.

#6. And this year 2013-2014 enjoying the miraculous powers of induced adult stem cells .

#7 AND in my senior years now (having practice 35 years by 2013),  freedom from insurance stupidity

with a 100% cash as the service is rendered practice.

#8. AND the glee of my ability to amaze work comp insurance adjusters by super fast happy returns to work.

(((Happy - pleased- business owners do send me their workers if work comp arises in their business.

They appreciate accelerated healing, but also KNOW that malingering is impossible when ultrasound

scan enables imaging the deep tissues and nerve roots of the spine. )))

(We do submit electronically for the patients to be paid back, but most of our wealthy

business owner patients do not care yea or nay, except to discover and change insurance

companies if coverage is poor.)

Ultrasound Spine Scan imaging.  Spine pain patients more and more are seeking this cost effective diagnostic modality which allows direct imaging of inflammatory changes  and other causes of pain physiology in soft tissues PLUS allows precisely administered therapies to attain healing rates from 25X to 100X faster than usual and customary with highest quality tissues and minimal scar tissues..  (Cost effective care par excellence:) ADDITIONALLY the use of ultrasound scan offers the pure Alternative patient an imaging alternative which is harmless, painless, and totally non-invasive


with no fears of X radiation deleterious effects.  ( as a 5 times cancer survivor, all different types of cancer, I personally strictly endorse X-radiation avoidance - - and YES I won my battles over 18 years with NO radiation, NO chemo, No surgery!  Details are available on Amazon for the Kindle E- reader, the title of my book is Oops, Praise the Lord My Cancer Just Fell Off!   )

Online Internet low cost Training & Certification Services:  click here for details of how to sign up->  [   ] ENTER A COURT ROOM ABLE TO STATE TRUTHFULLY THAT YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED BY THE U.S. PATENT HOLDER FOR SPINE NERVE ROOT IMAGING (without needing to leave the comfort of your office or home).

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Ultra Sound Spine Scan your key to success!

NEED A beautiful Ultrasound Scan MACHINE SYSTEM ? Low monthly payment Leases Available!   Call Dr. Reid for personal attention TODAY @ 507-281-4040 Mon- Wed.-Fri  10A.M. - 9 P.M. or E-mail Dr. Reid at soniclin@aol.com .......please use SUBJECT "USDC" and your E-mail will be treasured. ((((click on image for detailed view of model shown)))

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New for 2013, the ( PAID FOR )ON-LINE course includes (not listed in sample indexes) DVD Video disk file for Lab training (manual methods and streaming video examples of scan images) PLUS Standards of Care as published to Insurance Representatives in a face to face 4 hour meeting April 2004!  If asked: "Are you Trained & Certified as such by the U.S. Patent holder?"  Make sure you can answer YES, and show proof!  (Make sure your images and reports meet these standards.)  (The preceding statement is not meant to imply acceptance of the standards by any/all insurance companies, just the fact that these standards of care for ultrasound spine imaging have been presented to insurance representatives at their request for their review and consideration:)

#E. A link to the Hayfieldshopper.com  offers a tour of Minnesota's own Hayfield Township: (& Dr. Reid's first clinic site & Curriculum Vitae: ) as well as LINK FOR THE ULTRASOUND SPINE SCAN COURSE , ALSO the series "Secrets of a Natural Healing Doctor" including articles relating to Shingles Relief, Kidney Stone relief - Stone Proof for Life, Osteoporosis, and Autoimmune (with weekly additions too!):

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Ultrasound Scan reveals inflammation and tension signs in the soft tissues:  Relatively low cost and completely harmless, Ultrasound Spine and Extremity Scanning is rapidly becoming the diagnostic of choice  meeting today's modern consumer demand for  100% ALTERNATIVE low cost safe ANSWERS TO PAIN QUESTIONS.                                                                                      

 Institute for Spinal Ultrasound Imaging

 American College of Radiology Educational brief:( click here if you are a member of the ACR______)

News: Deep Tissue Benefits actually observable with ultrasound scan [  ] easy daily "Proof" of efficacy for manual adjustment of the spinal vertebrae.

Insurers COST SAVINGS Plan:   [  ]Physical therapy monitoring with ultrasound scan has led to MONEY SAVED FOR INSURERS AND PATIENTS

Research Seeds:    Research Seeds:



OF CANCER (Prostate, melanoma, adenoma, adenoma small metastisis)

Based upon 34 years of practice experience, historical research, and clinical as well as personal challenges in healing, the following research seeds are offered for review by doctors and their patients under care.  Many exciting NEW possibilities are outlined for resolution of many different types of health problems ranging from spine pain to "auto-immune diseases", and cancer:  Not intended as  any sort of home therapy guide, this site is intended for Phd. level and M.D. level review to stimulate scientific investigation of alternative healing pathways.  Lay-persons are specifically instructed to seek professional guidance and advice using this site of "Research Seeds" to stimulate interest by their chosen doctor in potential alternative health methods.

This site is supported by donations from ACCEL Network client doctors and patients:   

All donations and notes should be sent to:

John D. Reid D.C. c/o

Rochester Spine Care & Alt. Healing,

493 37th St. N.E., Rochester, Minnesota 55906

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NEW a first clue to possible cause for AUTISM in children! (Special click here for autism page:)

Research News:  Pain of Osteoporosis, Helpful Aid to Reversal  [  ].

News: Neck Pain, Cervical Spine Pain, Whiplash Pain,  Protocols for Best Recovery and minimized pain   [  ].

Research News: Manual Spine Adjustment for Pain Relief  Deep Tissue Benefits actually observable with ultrasound scan [  ] easy daily "Proof" of efficacy ( adjustment of spine)Yes, Chiropractic as a profession has been screaming for "proof" for decades, and NOW here it is!  With ultrasound scan the deep tissue effects of spinal adjustment are easily observable and can be printed out in 4 seconds for absolute scientific proof of efficacy.  Does Chiropractic work?  Now the answers to what works well for what conditions are a mere pre and post image away!

 Research News: SCIATICA, burning leg pain from spine to buttocks to hip to leg to ankle of old duration was formerly thought hopeless.  For hopeless pain patients suffering from sciatica pain relief may now be available:  Here's an outline of what we have seen work,  for you and your therapist to give trial._____[   .

Herpes Zoster,  Shingles Pain Relief regimens    [    

Keys for M.S., A.L.S., acquired Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Gulf War syndrome, and other supposedly "auto-immune" / "immune disfunction" diseases.____[  

Multiple Sclerosis...................

M.S., A.L.S., Lupus, and other "autoimmune" diseases may benefit from avoidance of aggravating electromagnetic fields:

Developments in resistant staph infection relief:....

Research news:   Rife Ray Cancer Cure?  [  ] Is it possible an electronic anti-biotic was invented in 1921 which really has good physical effects?  If this technology has efficacy, what is the extent of the efficacy?.

The Institute for Spine Ultrasound Imaging

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